Series: Joseph collaborates with fellow director/actor to create the 12-part series ‘Twelve’

In a new series created by James Thomas Gilbert, Joseph has joined forces with long-time collaborator and fellow actor to develop an anthology series of film shorts. 

James Thomas Gilbert and Joseph Gilbert share co-directing / development on the series. James takes on double duty as the series writer of ‘TWELVE.’


Joseph Gilbert – Co-Director, Art Direction, Actor
I’ve spent a lifetime interested in, and deeply caring about, other people. Decades spent moving around as part of a military family, years celebrating the diversity of cultures, adventures gathered while traveling the world, or the frequent long pensive walks through nature have nurtured a deep empathy. Or maybe it’s just my endless curiosity, exploring the world like a two-year-old searching behind and under everything just to see what’s there. Concertedly, I think it’s brought me to where I am today – learning how to better communicate – both visually, textually and orally. This is where I found my love of storytelling.

From time spent as a graphic designer, and conceptual and whimsical illustrator, to performing improv at the famed Second City, Chicago, studying acting in NYC, and working as an actor in Los Angeles in film, television, theatre and commercials, along side my entrepreneurial successes, undoubtedly shape my filmmaking endeavors.

James Thomas Gilbert – Created by, Co-Director, Actor
James Thomas Gilbert has been a creative soul since he can remember. He started his filmmaking career as an actor (still living here) and quickly ventured into writing and directing where he discovered a passion for editing as well. Some of his favorite Beginning to End projects include THE CONTRACT; ANOTHER; THE JOURNEYMAN and the upcoming digital series TWELVE.