In Development: ‘Poet at the Waters Edge’ an Anthology of Films + Immersive Installation

Comprised of an anthology of stories, the project is a collection of ten interrelated, short narrative films that explore what it means to be human. Using universal themes of love and loss, self-love in the face of adversity, and hope in a world that is in need of healing, the idea is to explore these narratives, grounding them through the use of consequence and circumstances to give them authenticity, and allowing them to grow and have an epic feel that transcends a single person and demonstrates the commonalities within all of humanity.

These stories are about relationships and connecting with others. The heart, humanity and soul of the pieces are in the relationships that we forge, the ones that will leave an indelible mark on us or hopefully last a lifetime. The story we are telling is about these human relationships, the ability to connect, to love, and to exist and live in the moment and with a sense of ‘nowness.’

Concept + Tone
The aesthetic, look and feel, tone and pacing will be a combination of independent film, fashion film, spoken word, gallery exhibition and create a strong sense of visual poetry in every aspect of the films. There will be a unique aesthetic created by the juxtaposition of language, visual production value, and emotive soundscapes and music – all which will attack the senses of the viewer and invite them to be a part of the world we are creating. And most importantly to ‘feel’ and ‘live.’

Joseph Gilbert: Creator + Visionary
Joseph is the creator of ‘Poet at the Waters Edge’ an anthology of films + immersive installation. Taking full command of the visual aesthetic, writing, and production design, Joseph also serves as the executive producer. The vision for the endeavor synthesizes cinematic elements of film, live action performance and an immersive art gallery installation, constructed entirely from cardboard. Joseph designed and hand crafted every finely detailed object in the performative environment. Individual unique objects are available to collectors for acquisition.

Still of the set and pieces designed and sculpted by Joseph Gilbert
Individual set pieces designed and sculpted by Joseph Gilbert
Still of the set and pieces designed and sculpted by Joseph Gilbert
A compendium book for ‘Poet at the Waters Edge’ films + installation | Designed, hand-lettered and created by Joseph Gilbert

Treatment + Inquiries
All questions, treatment requests and inquiries about the project can be emailed to

Design + Illustration work by Joseph Gilbert
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