NEVERMORE Stacks Up More Great Reviews

Joseph Gilbert portrays Edgar Allan Poe in "Nvermore"

Joseph Gilbert portrays Edgar Allan Poe in “Nevermore”

“…an engaging Joseph Gilbert …in an intriguing and very entertaining play that will keep you guessing right up to the surprise ending.” – Patricia Rye, Larchmont Chronicle

“Joseph Gilbert does an exciting job as Edgar. He mimics the writer’s fumbling nature, his deep insecurity and playful spirit when the need arises.” – Mary E. Montoro,

“Visually, Gilbert is spot-on Poe and delivers an enjoyable and solid performance.” – Ethan Silver, Riveting Riffs

“Poe fans should delight in this clever mélange of biographical fact and fantasy. It’s fun catching the various allusions to Poe”icisms” throughout the play….” – Kettie Lynn Hertes, KPCC RADIO

“This entire cast gives committed, energetic performances…So I think it is safe to say anyone well versed in the literary works, life and times of Edgar Allan Poe will quite enjoy this production.” – Michelle Clay, LA Splash

“Now that’s theatre!” Audience member at curtain call.