Film: Humanity’s Fate Tested in Adventure ‘Last to Repeat’

Last to Repeat, Joseph Gilbert

“Of the final souls to die in the year, one is tasked with a heavy burden.”  Joseph leads the cast in the thought-provoking fantasy adventure, in which the fate of humanity rests at the success of his journey.

Director: Ruman Kazi
Writer: Khurram Mozaffar
Starring: Joseph Gilbert
Also With: Parvesh Cheena, Jesse Steccato, Sofie Khan, Alicia VK, Kristina Pilskaia, Ottavio Taddei, Luke Baldridge, and Lilja Rose Michaud.

Director of Photography: Marcelo Colacilli
Post Team: Justin Ulrich, Jack Beyer, Emilio Lopez-Centellas, Scott Douglas
Composer: Roger Bellon

Festival Awards and nominations:
**Best Actor: Joseph Gilbert (Nomination)

Best Cinematography: Marcelo Colacilli (Win)
Best Sound Design: Emilio Lopez-Centellas (Win)
Best Film (Nomination)
Directing: Ruman Kazi (Nomination)
Writing: Khurram Mozaffar (Nomination)
Editing: Justin Ulrich (Nomination)
Acting Ensemble: (Nomination)
Original Score: Roger Bellon (Nomination)
Production Design: Joseph Gilbert (Nomination)

The film is presented as part of 48 Hour Film Festival.

Full cast and crew credits:
The Last to Repeat