Theatre: Reviving the Golden Age of Hollywood

Golden age of Hollywood: Lost in Radiolland and Original Win: The Early Days of Oscar

A comedy set in 1940’s Golden Age of Hollywood. The biggest stars of the day have come together to perform the suspenseful, nationally syndicated radio show “Night Stories.” Egos crash and love triangles erupt as the stars work together. Meanwhile the city of Los Angeles is on edge with the breaking news of an escaped killer. When on-set drama meets real life danger, who will survive?

Written by Ryan Paul James
Co-writer Denny Siegel
Directed by Joe Dalo
Music by Melissa Disney
Composer, Serena Travis
Choreographer, Maura Murphy-Barrosse
Produced by Ryan Paul James

Stan The Man – Joe Dalo
Tom – Thomas F. Evans
Jerry Barrymore – Keith Coogan
Marla Hicks – Tanya Wilkins
Patty Nelson – Katie Zeiner
Irene Savatory – Melissa Disney
Phil Keaton – Nick Bush
Victor Cooper – Jeff Post
Paulie B – Paul Pape
Shirley Adams – Claudia Wells
Thomas Murphy – Paul Mcgee
Lana Douglas – Ashley Adler
Gene West – Joseph Gilbert
Trixie Witherspoon – Serena Travis
The Charmins – Maura Murphy-Barrosse, Melinda Mages, Aly Marianelli
Detective Graham – James Welch
Otis Cotton – DJ Rabiola