First Date with ‘Front Seat Chronicles’

First Date: The Front Seat ChroniclesA widower shares a tender story with his son about how he met the Love of his Life. Written by Dave Davis, and directed by the talented feature director, Nicholas Kalikow, this episode shares some subtly superb performances by Joseph Gilbert and Bill Lewis.

Front Seat Chronicles (FSC) is a series about transformation.

We’ve all had those transitional moments, those pivotal conversations in our lives with a spouse, partner, family member, or close friend.  Be the conversations about a faltering relationship, a financial hardship, or the letting go of a loved one, with Front Seat Chronicles we peer into the moment as two people try to rise above, reconcile, or release their respective challenges.

Many of the stories are hopeful, some sad, but they all strive to give us an honest view of where we are. Herein lies the aspiration, the lesson, and the dream. In addition to sharing these conversations with you, we will on occasion, provide insights and/or links related to the topic of each episode.

Most important – Front Seat Chronicles is a collaboration of diverse and remarkable writers and actors lending their talents to facilitate conversation and understanding.

Inspired by The Conversation, a short story written by Mohammed Bilal, the Front Seat Chronicles series was created by writer/director Allen L. Sowelle, is produced by Josh Feinman, and shot by cinematographer Devon K. Lee.


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