Film: ‘A Life Well Lived’ – Joseph adds an emotional depth to a families heartbreaking story

Beverly is a woman nearing the end of her life and about to succumb to complications to Alzheimer’s. Her ex-daughter-in-law, Simone, cares for her in spite of their tumultuous relationship. Nonetheless, Simone visits her until the end. Jude, Beverly’s caretaker, is a calming presence and fosters a friendship with Simone. Meanwhile, Beverly’s son, Kenney, struggles with having to say goodbye to his mother twice. All of these people show what a life well lived looks like. 

Joseph Gilbert brings an intense emotional journey to the character of Kenney, while personally struggling with his mother’s inevitable death.

Directed by Louisa Kendrick, written by Rebecca Glazer.

Melanie Collup, Julie Ann Nesbitt, and Marcus Mannis fill out the principle cast of “A Life Well Lived.”